3H Radiolabeling  
Curachem has a team of dedicated tritium chemists. Our experts will work with you to develop a synthetic and labeling strategy for the desired compound.
Our services include:
Consultation and planning advice.
Labeling advice when no precursor is available.
Advice on position of labeling.
Advice on specific activity options.
Stability test service with an additional cost, optionally.
All our products are supplied with documentation of the final product's purity, specific activity, and total activity in a certificate of analysis.
Types of preparations:
Chiral compounds.
Antibody drug conjugates.
Quality control and quality assurance
Quality control and Quality assurance is of paramount importance at Curachem. Each preparation dispatched is accompanied by a comprehensive package that includes:
Radiochemical purity by HPLC.
Certificate of Analysis and MSDS.
Structural identity by HPLC and MS with scans supplied.
Synthesis experimental report with an additional cost, optionally.
All our products are supplied with a comprehensive data package providing details on the analysis and synthesis of the products. An optional report on the experimental synthesis of the product is available at an additional cost
On-time delivery
Weí»ve built our reputation on fast, accurate, on-time delivery of customerí»s labeled compounds. The date promised is the date delivered.
We understand that on-time delivery is essential to our customerí»s requirements.
92% of the projects have been delivered on time and to correct specification.
Curachem is located in Yangchon Industrial Complex in vicinity of Seoul. We are very close (less than half an hour) to the two major international airports, Inchon and Gimpo.
Shipments can be tailored to suit a client needs.
Optional temperature tracking can be provided, at additional cost.
All paperwork and external packaging are managed to ensure customs and regulatory compliance.